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1966 Chevelles For Sale

Posted by Po Boy on Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Po Boys is the place to find 1966 Chevelles For Sale! These cars are listed for sale by owner on Ebay. Check them out here!

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1966 Chevelles For Sale

The new Chevelle ended up being extremely popular in 1966. In fact, 412,155 Chevelles were manufactured and of all the Chevelles built, 72,272 were Super Sports. The demand was way higher than the 1965 Chevelle. The 1966 Chevelle was a unique car. It's design is continues to be relevant for today. It is cherished by muscle car fans and just about anybody who sees it. It is easily considered one of the top classic muscle cars ever.

The body of the 1966 Chevelle was redone in a strategy that added sleeker more rounded lines in the design. The 66 Chevelle front fender had a a lot more aggressive design in which the top thrust frontward to provide it with a lot more powerful appearance. The rear fenders were curved upwards in a way that brought the 1966 Chevelle a unique coke-bottle look. The design of this particular car is simple yet still amazing. It is treasured by muscle car enthusiasts worldwide.